11 - 13 May 2016

thestudio, Manchester, UK

The journey of leadership

Portia Tung Independent
Kamila Piorowska Independent

Session type: Workshop
Session duration: 90 minutes

About this Workshop

When it comes to leadership, everyone's got an opinion. And yet, take a look around and it's clear for all to see that, in spite of the vast amounts of research and books published on the subject, it seems we are none the wiser. What's more, in many organisations, the topic of leadership is taboo because it casts doubt on those who should be leading but are not.

In this interactive workshop, we'll explore what leadership is and what it isn't, how we can do it better (even if we don't have the official role of 'leader') and why the world needs all of us to become better leaders.

As an apprentice leader, I will share stories of random acts of derring-do and lessons learned in an attempt to make sense of what leadership is and how to get better at what is fast becoming a life skill in order to thrive in a frenetic and ever-changing world.

About the Speakers

Portia Tung

Portia is a coach, storyteller, playmaker and enterprise gardener.


Kamila Piorowska

Kamila is an Agile and Mindfulness coach with experience in delivering Agile projects in a number of financial institutions. Kamila loves running Agile training sessions, coaching Scrum Masters and senior leaders. Kamila is passionate about addressing resistance to change when scaling Agile in organisations which have historically been managed using command and control.

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Session Types

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Case Study/Experience Report

A presentation and discussion of real-life (not theoretical) experiences of the application (or mis-application) of Agile and Lean practices. Case studies and experience reports include some discussion of lessons learned and an indication of how novel the work is.


Participants learn a new approach, tool or technology through using it to solve one or more practical exercises. Any software/hardware requirements are disclosed in the session description.


A session focused around some specific tool, technique or issue. Primarily led by the speaker, tutorials usually include some elements of interactivity or individual / group exercise.


An in-depth working session on a specific topic. May include paper presentations.