11 - 13 May 2016

thestudio, Manchester, UK

Product vs craft

Juan Delgado ustwo

Session type: Case Study
Session duration: 60 minutes

About this Case Study

This is a case study about how shifting the focus from craft to product has affected ustwo. Our delivery teams are required everyday to make trade offs between what would the best technical solution and what's right for the product they are delivering.

Ultimately, we get paid to solve business problems, not to be perfectionists.

Should the vision for a product affect your development practices? Could you be delivering perfectly valid, beautiful code that solves the wrong problem? Do your users care as much as you do about design?

At ustwo we work with all sorts of clients, from startups to multinationals, giving us an amazing opportunity to see these issues from a few different angles.

We also want to hear yours!

About the Speaker

Juan is a developer. He makes computers do stuff. Except when he can't and he gets royally pissed off. He also helps teams make computers do stuff as technical director/glorified rubber duck.

He sits with teams and helps them kick off projects. He sits with developers to be a second pair of eyes, someone with the time to bounce ideas off. He sits with teams to look at the rule book and help them apply it to the realities of real life projects. He helps teams update the rule book, so they keep improving how they work.

He helps to make ustwo one of the best product studios in the world. A place where people come to do the work of their lives and clients come to define, build and take products to market. A place where both things happen with as little drama as possible.

He is Juan Jappy Juan.


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