11 - 13 May 2016

thestudio, Manchester, UK

Are projects agile?

Kevin Rutherford XP Surgery
Andy Longshaw LexisNexis

Session type: Workshop
Session duration: 90 minutes

About this Workshop

Good software provides value and benefit to its users. Most good software has a long life and evolves continuously, keeping pace with the needs of its users.

A project is, by definition, a temporary structure created to manage and deliver a specific goal.

This workshop will explore the conflict between software development organised around projects and software development organised around products. Do projects even make sense in a truly agile software development context?

Participants will work in small groups to exchange thoughts and ideas, build them into a coherent viewpoint and present them back to the other groups.

About the Speakers

Kevin Rutherford

Dr Kevin Rutherford is a software development coach, trainer and extreme programmer. He is the creator of the vastly under-rated Reek code smell detector, and the vastly over-rated book 'Refactoring in Ruby'. If you have ever used Unix System V or transferred money between bank accounts, you’ve unwittingly used his code. He was using vi before you were born.


Andy Longshaw

Andy is a pragmatic software developer who has - unfortunately - recently ended up in roles like development manager. He has worked for many companies, from a large multi-national through to a 4-person startup - but he is getting to the age where he is beginning to forget half of them.

He has been very fortunate that some thoughtful and intelligent people have spent their time helping him to learn some really useful and interesting stuff, so he tries to give some of that back when he can.


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Case Study/Experience Report

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