11 - 13 May 2016

thestudio, Manchester, UK

Bridging the communication gap, fast

Konstantin Kudryashov Inviqa

Session type: Case Study
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Case Study

Konstantin puts it to you that one of the biggest problems in the software industry manifest from the gaps in shared understanding. This leads businesses to make technological choices with limited knowledge of technology impacts, or worse, technology delivery teams to make business choices without business guidance. Inevitably this leads to products being built badly, or the wrong products being built.

Agile, and BDD in particular, try to solve this problem through steady and deliberate discovery. What if you don't have time to be steady? What if you need to start bridging this gap very quickly with a new customer at the beginning of a new project, almost every week? Enter the project discovery - a way to get on the same page with many businesses in an agency-like environment.

This talk will present a collaborative process built on top of Agile and BDD practices aimed to replace requirements gathering and contract negotiation processes with Agile delivery planning.

About the Speaker

Konstantin is an engineer who, through tools and methodologies, got deep into business analysis. He's currently a behaviour driven development (BDD) practice manager at Inviqa Ltd (UK). His job involves bringing agile projects to life through bridging communication gaps between business and delivery teams.

Before Inviqa, he spent almost 2 years in France working as a senior PHP developer in KnpLabs, delivering high-quality startups for clients across the world. During his engineering life, Konstantin created de-facto PHP BDD tools (Behat, PhpSpec2) and contributed to big open source projects like Symfony2, Doctrine2, Composer and others.


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