11 - 13 May 2016

thestudio, Manchester, UK

Gamifying agile maturity models

Stephen Mounsey Callcredit

Session type: Case Study
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Case Study

In complex situations we look for good processes to emerge rather than be prescribed. Can gamification be used for maturity models to enable emergent behaviour, continuous improvement and self-organisation? Come and discuss this highly controversial area of agile.

This is an organisational change experience report. In any change there are 3 or more elements: the structure, the people and the culture. How can gamification be used to change the culture and in turn, people's behaviours?

In this session, some of the things I'll cover include:

  • agile maturity models – what are they and why do people think we need them?
  • what is gamification?
  • game examples and game design theory

There will also be an open discussion on gamifying maturity models and graphical facilitation.

About the Speaker

Stephen is a scrum master who values visualisation, games, play and fun at work.

He's an enthusiastic agilist with a passion for emergent thinking and self organising teams. When Stephen gets time away from his 2 dogs and 2 young children, he likes to attend and speak at agile and test meet ups.

Expect to find Stephen sketch noting throughout the day, as with his scrum mastery Stephen is still practising and not there yet - but that won't stop him learning.


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