11 - 13 May 2016

thestudio, Manchester, UK

Being agile in Cornwall

Belinda Waldock  Being Agile

Session type: Case Study
Session duration: 45 minutes

Slides from session

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About this Case Study

For an organisation to become truly agile, its people must embrace and apply agile thinking at every level of the business.

The primary driver for successful agile adoption within a business is the level of buy-in achieved amongst its teams. It is not enough to implement structures and tools into day to day practices - the organisation must learn to listen to what agile tells them and act upon it in order to sustain buy in both to the method and their commitment to the ambitions of the business.

I will share my experience of introducing agile to an array of businesses from project management through to improving the strategic agility of their business models to evoke growth. The session will report on their journeys of adoption and the impact upon people and interactions within those businesses. I will explore what worked well, what could work better, what barriers they faced and the results achieved, sharing case studies and the new tools and materials adapted from agile that create a pathway to business agility.

About the Speaker

Belinda Waldock is an agile business coach, professionally qualified ILM coach and mentor in business management and a computer science graduate. She works with businesses supporting growth through technology, specialising in agile business management. She has worked with a range of high growth businesses across most sectors to adopt agile practices.

Belinda is part of the organising committee for one of the world's leading agile conferences, Agile on the Beach - held each September in Falmouth, Cornwall. She has helped to develop and grow the conference over the past 4 years to be self-sustaining and is a regular speaker, sharing her experiences of adopting and using agile beyond the software sector. She is also a co-founder and director of Software Cornwall, a high growth tech cluster network of software development companies.


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Case Study/Experience Report

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