Real Roles card game - a tool for your team to explore roles, overlaps, commitments and expectations

10–12th May 2017 at thestudio

A 60 minute Hands-On by:

Laurence Wood


About this Hands-On

Roles can be confusing. They’re hats, not job descriptions. We may wear a few each week. Does your product owner do what you need them to? What is a delivery manager? Who could cover John the developer if he was ill, and what makes him different from Sarah the tech lead? This card game helps you explore your roles, identify gaps in your team and build team commitment and empathy. A GDS-specific version is available for public sector digital teams and a generic version for others.

We'll play the game in the session, with participants sitting in teams at tables. We'll capture gaps and learnings as we go and discuss our findings at the end. Each table will get a free game. Participants will get a URL where they can discuss the game and request packs to be sent to them (GDS type or standard).

About the Speaker

Laurence Wood inspires digital teams and coaches leadership to deliver more value using Agile and Lean. He discovered Lean in 1988 supervising V12 engine assembly at Jaguar Cars and then moved fully into IT joining a pioneering RAD (Rapid Application Development) team at Marks and Spencer in London. Freelance development lead roles followed in South Africa, Austria and the UK, including Coca Cola and South African Airways. Laurence later became Head of IT in the demanding, City of London investment banking arena. Now living in Leeds, he likes to coach teams and inspire leaders to deliver more value more often. His Lean and Agile experience spans 25 years.

IndigoBlue (part of the Mastek UK group) provides award-winning management and consultancy services that enable customers to harness the profound benefits of Agile. Mastek software solutions are critical to numerous businesses and public services. Every day over a million people across the UK use services built by Mastek.


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