A matter of minds: why supporting neurodiversity could be just the thing your teams, products and organisations need

10–12th May 2017 at thestudio

A 60 minute Keynote by:

Dr Sal Freudenberg

Independent consultant

About this Keynote

Sometimes as an industry we appear to have forgotten that teams are still made up of individuals. The diversity that helps create amazing teams and products may ironically be being drummed of us by our own practices and environments. This is inadvertently creating a mono-culture, when - far from being a weakness - our diversity is our biggest strength.

This keynote is about embracing diversity of thinker. About making our collaborations more inclusive. About experimenting with how we can create teams, spaces and practices where people can turn up authentically and have their differences not only supported but celebrated.

About the Speaker

Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg is an agile consultant and trainer who assists companies in transitioning to more nimble, customer-centric and human(e) ways of working. She holds a PhD in the psychology of collaborative software development and, since parenting an autistic son, has developed an interest in neuro-diversity.

Through re-assessing her own traits and neurology, and considering the extra-ordinary people with whom she has worked over her 25+ years in tech, Sal is raising awareness of the benefits of having diversity in our organisations and is helping the industry to begin to understand how to support and nurture every kind of brain.


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