Organisational anti-patterns - things organisations do that make agile delivery much harder

10–12th May 2017 at thestudio

A 60 minute Experience Report by:

Ian Cartwright


About this Experience Report

Based on 14 years of delivering and consulting on agile, this session describes some anti-patterns that I keep running into. It seems every organisation has at least one or two - some have the full set! I'll describe each anti-pattern, explain why it hurts delivery and then outline some suggestions for what you might want to do differently.

About the Speaker

Ian is a tech principal for ThoughtWorks, based in Manchester. He provides technical oversight for projects, and is also helping to make sure ThoughtWorks applies innovative solutions in the right ways. He keeps hands-on by working with teams directly as well as contributing to some open source cloud tools. He is a member of the Technology Advisory Board and helps pull together the ThoughtWorks Tech Radar. As a consultant he is especially interested in helping clients build more manoeuvrable business infrastructures.


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