Building tomorrow today: an agile journey

10–12th May 2017 at thestudio

A 60 minute Experience Report by:

David Halsey

Pete Hanlon

Slides from session

The slides used for this session are available to download from here.

About this Experience Report

MoneySupermarket has spent the last 3 years going through a major technology transformation. They've replatformed their legacy .NET stack to a modern, cloud-based, event-driven platform. They've embraced agile methodologies and techniques whilst operating in a regulated industry.

As the migration comes to an end, MoneySupermarket are ready to innovate on their new platform, which involves taking their agile ways of working to the next level. Find out what worked well, what didn’t - and what they are trying next.

About the Speakers

David Halsey

With over 15 years' experience in the software engineering domain, I have had the opportunity to work for a number of leading companies building high traffic systems. I started my career as a developer in a consultancy, working for telecoms companies, before moving into technology management and leadership.

In the last 10 years I have worked for a number of companies, including Autotrader, eBay and MoneySuperMarket, building consumer facing websites and mobile apps. During this time, I have played key roles in transforming how engineering teams work and increasing their impact by adopting agile practices.


Pete Hanlon

Pete joined as Group CTO at Moneysupermarket in 2013 with technical responsibility for MoneySupermarket, TravelSupermarket, MoneySavingExpert and OnTrees. During that time, Pete and the team have been instrumental in affecting a step change in the technologies and processes used to drive the businesses and helping to embed a truly agile way of working into the company’s culture.

Pete is a technologist through and through and is happiest cutting code and feels lucky that his job is also his hobby. He is driven by working for a company with a strong social conscience and the ambitious mission to help every household make the most of their money in the UK.

Prior to Moneysupermarket, Pete was the CTO at Autotrader and worked for a number of banking and trading systems for Rabobank, Lloyds Banking Group and Natwest.

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