The making of a lean-agile coach

10–12th May 2017 at thestudio

A 90 minute Hands-On by:

Luca Minudel

Carlo Beschi

About this Hands-On

This session introduces and explains the most distinctive characteristic of the lean-agile coach role: the coaching stance. It introduces and explains the role, and guides you in using the lean-agile coach self-assessment radars, a tool to access your strengths in lean-agile coaching and the competency areas that require improvement.

This session is particularly suitable for: scrum masters, iteration/delivery managers, product owners, aspiring and current lean-agile coaches.

We'll look at a coach's career and explore the following questions: what outcomes does a lean-agile coach produce and how do you measure success? What competencies must a lean-agile coach have? What are good personality traits for one?

About the Speakers

Luca Minudel

Luca Minudel is a lean-agile coach and trainer with 15 years' experience in lean-agile and 20+ in professional software delivery.

He is passionate about agility, lean, complexity science and collaboration. He contributed to the adoption of lean and agile practices by Ferrari's F1 racing team. For ThoughtWorks he delivered training, coaching, assessments and organisational transformations in top-tier organisations in Europe and the United States. He worked as Head of Agility in 4Finance, and is working as Lean/Agile Coach and Lean/Agile Practice Lead in the financial sector.

Luca is founder and CEO at, a company that helps organisations turn their way of working into their competitive advantage.


Carlo Beschi

Carlo's passionate about supporting teams and organisations to find the most effective and sustainable ways of creating successful products that delight their customers.

He has been working within the IT industry for the last 15 years, covering a wide range of development and management roles. He currently works as an Agile Coach at ASOS.

He's a fan of agile and lean approaches to work: skilled people, from technical and business sides, can collaborate closely, with a shared goal, to deliver outstanding products and services - while having a lot of fun!


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