9-11 May 2018

thestudio, Manchester

Advanced kanban visualisation techniques

Session type:

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Ian Carroll


About this Workshop

Visualising the workflow is one of kanban’s core properties. In this session we will explore why work visualisation is a critical element for successful kanban implementation.

In this whirlwind tour of a real world delivery you will learn:

  • pro tips on rapidly creating an effective physical card wall
  • what good looks like…and what it doesn’t look like!
  • many cool features that teams from across the UK have built into their card walls
  • software development card wall *
  • backlog management card wall *
  • mob programming card wall *
  • IT operations card wall *
  • 3 different portfolio card walls *
  • real-time retrospective card wall *
  • planning, tracking and key metrics information radiator *

Items marked * will be exhibited as real physical card walls. No powerpoint slides will be used in this session.

Have your camera phone at the ready to capture the many visual takeaways!

About the Speaker

Ian Carroll is a consultant, coach and speaker on all topics related to lean, kanban and agile software development. Using his 25 years of hands-on experience, he helps clients transform their organisations via agile and lean techniques to lower costs, while increasing their ability to respond to changing market demands and outperform competitors. Ian has trained and coached hundreds of software development teams in agile, lean and kanban techniques.


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