9-11 May 2018

thestudio, Manchester

Transforming to a product engineering culture: what is it and how far have we got?

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

David Halsey


Sully Rafiq


About this Case Study

Moneysupermarket Technology has been going through an exciting transformation. Following the completion of our new platform, we have started to reinvent the way we work. In this case study, we will talk about the journey we are undertaking as we transform Moneysupermarket to a product engineering culture. We will identify what worked well and what we achieved with our previous culture and ways of working, but also what we strive to improve and achieve by evolving our product engineering capability.

We will give our definition of product engineering culture and what we are doing to achieve it. We are bringing more of our engineering capability in-house, which means finding the right people to join existing teams or start new teams from scratch. We have experimented with different team compositions, leadership styles and coaching approaches. We have iterated on our technology stack, tooling and ways of working to make sure we provide a product engineering culture that retains and attracts talented individuals, and engages them in building great products for our customers.

About the Speakers

David Halsey

Dave Halsey is CTO at MoneySuperMarket, where he applies his passion for leveraging technology and agile thought leadership to build great teams and great products. He started his career as a developer, working predominantly for telecoms companies, before moving into technology management and leadership.

Dave has played key roles in transforming how engineering teams work by adopting agile and lean practices at a number of companies, including Autotrader, eBay and MoneySuperMarket.


Sully Rafiq

Sully Rafiq is Head Architect for Insurance and Home Services at MoneySuperMarket, with previous experience of leading development teams. He is a passionate, highly motivated software developer with experience in designing and writing software for mission critical, high performance applications.

He enjoys working with lean, agile thinking teams. He's also an avid reader and proponent of software design patterns, clean code and TDD/BDD practices.


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