9-11 May 2018

thestudio, Manchester

Achievement unlocked: how gamification drives organisational culture change

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Session duration:
60 minutes

Presented by:

Mark Cruth

Teal Mavericks, LLC

About this Tutorial

Do you track your steps each day to see if you can hit your goal? Do you count the number of 'likes' associated with a recent LinkedIn post and compare it to others? Or do you just keep track of how many tasks you moved to done on your personal kanban board?

These are all examples of games we use in our daily lives to influence and change our behaviours (both consciously and subconsciously). If we use games to influence how we think and act as individuals, why not use them to influence how we think and act as organisations?

This interactive session explores how gamification in the workplace can positively influence organisational culture change in an agile transformation. You will learn how to tap into a person's intrinsic motivation through games to initiate change across an organisation.

You'll also learn about different gamification techniques and how to leverage them to initiate the change you are trying to achieve. Pull up a seat and let’s play!

About the Speaker

Mark Cruth is an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and catalyst for change in organisations. Since being introduced to Agile in 2009, Mark has made it his mission to inject the values and principles of Agile into everything he does.

He has worked to bring about Agile Transformation for teams across multiple industries, including large manufacturers (Boeing), retailers (Nordstrom), big data (Nielsen), and FinTech (TD Ameritrade). Today Mark works as an Agile Coach for Quicken Loans, as well as operates his own Coaching, Consulting, and Training company called Teal Mavericks, LLC, which is focused on organisational evolution.


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