9-11 May 2018

thestudio, Manchester

"Exceeds expectations" - performance appraisals in a collaborative world

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Jon McNestrie

Northern Shore Consulting

About this Case Study

I've worked in and with a lot of large organisations and frequently seen the traditional performance review that everyone must take part in with their manager. I've been on both ends of this process a number of times and more recently seen the impact from a bit of a distance (as a contractor).

When people's progression, career opportunities and pay are tied to a process and cycle like this, we drive undesirable behaviour from some (poorly set objectives prioritised over delivering the team's product), and resentment from those who don't 'play the game'.

I’ve spent time trying to instil collective responsibility in teams and working how to determine if a team is not necessarily delivering but definitely growing and improving. Working to try and drive behaviours that benefit the team (and organisation) as a whole and focus on the delivery of the product or service.

We’ll spend some time discussing ideas for how we can encourage these positive behaviours and still give people the opportunity to be rewarded fairly - and also if it’s possible to fit these ideas into a larger or more traditional organisation.

About the Speaker

Jon is a passionate advocate of agile software delivery and an experienced scrum and kanban practitioner. He has been a coach and a consultant for few years now - trying to help people to build stuff, build it right and build the right thing.

He has been a developer for a long time too and does tend to go on rather a lot about the joys of extreme programming and continuous delivery pipelines.

He's also the founder and organiser of the Agile North East group and is often seen trying to convince people to play with Lego while suggesting it is work related.


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