9-11 May 2018

thestudio, Manchester

The whole story: mapping, slicing and writing

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Session duration:
90 minutes

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Gil Zilberfeld

Everyday Unit Testing

About this Workshop

Good stories are hard to find. Writing them is a skill. Making them effective is an art form.

This workshop takes you on the journey from ideas to actual, ready to implement stories. During this journey, we'll start by planning, using story mapping. This technique allows us to look at an entire feature set, and decide what to do first, and how deep. We'll talk about what we think we know, and what we want to learn further, using our stories for deliberate learning.

From then, it's on to slicing. We'll talk about techniques of slicing big stories into smaller ones. Slicing helps not just in breaking down big stuff, but also in starting the test plan.

Then we'll actually be writing stories. Templates are a good starting point, but we'll talk about how stories should be written, and how we can make them better collaboration and investigation tools. They will be enough to be transformed as tests, BDD style.

The workshop is intended for product people, testers and everyone who wants to make their development and discovery process better.

About the Speaker

Gil Zilberfeld has been in software since childhood, writing BASIC programs on his trusty Sinclair ZX81. With more than 20 years of developing commercial software behind him, he has vast experience in software methodology and practices.

Gil has been applying agile principles for product development for more than a decade. From automated testing to exploratory testing, design practices to team collaboration, scrum to kanban, traditional product management to lean start-up - he’s done it all. He is still learning from his successes and failures.

Gil speaks frequently about unit testing, TDD, agile practices and product management at international conferences. He is the author of Everyday Unit Testing, blogs at www.gilzilberfeld.com, is co-organiser of the Agile Practitioners' Conference - and in his spare time he shoots zombies, for fun.


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