Annette Joseph MBE photo smiling

Diverse & Equal Founder/CEO, Annette Joseph MBE, is an award winning Agile Coach who is striving to improve innovation in tech by increasing the number of talented Black people and diverse backgrounds in the industry.

Diverse & Equal’s multi-strand focus equips adults from under-represented groups with the necessary skills for careers in tech, through DiverseTech’s Taster sessions and bootcamps. With the bootcamp now on cohort 3, there is a growing list of career-changers from minoritised backgrounds demonstrating excellence in their new roles. Diverse & Equal also leads research, initiatives and support that empower organisations to create inclusive environments where diverse talent can thrive and the business benefits of diversity can be fully realised.

Annette’s viral #icantbreathe article in response to the murder of George Floyd resulted in the commissioning of a number of initiatives to record and capture the impacts of tech on Black people and communities of colour. The Racial Diversity in Digital report published in October 2021 has been described as a game-changer and is being used to spearhead change.



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