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Jon Ayre

Equal Experts

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12 May 11:15 12:00

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45 minutes

About the session

Agile works. Agile works really well. But now people want agile to work at scale. Some might suggest that SAFe is the answer, but I disagree.

So what's the alternative? 

In this talk I'll propose an alternative, agile-friendly approach called continuous evolution. It's agile, designed for scale, and it's all about intentful action, and outcome-driven autonomy. What it's not about is command and control, or water-scrum-fall. You could even say it's unSAFe.

There's still much debate around the effectiveness of agile, but for me that ship has long sailed. Agile works fantastically. It's the perfect approach for teams delivering new things, and in software development that's most situations.

However, that doesn't mean the fight is over, or that we can relax. There's a new enemy in town, and it's called "scale".

This talk isn't about SAFe. It's easy to criticise any approach by picking on its weaknesses and compromises. The reality is that many large organisations are looking to scale agile, and so they need an approach. The way to address that is not through criticism, but proposing an alternative.

The approach doesn't change agile, nor does it attempt to consume agile into something bigger. Instead, continuous evolution is a way to extend agile into all areas of the leadership space in order to remove the blockers to truly agile working.

Participant Takeaways:

  • A way to scratch the corporate "long-term plan" itch without committing to made-up deadlines
  • A tool that makes demand management a collaborative exercise
  • An alternative approach to present to key stakeholders when faced with the scaled agile consultancy machine

Agile at Scale, Test and Learn, Outcome-Driven Development, Autonomous Teams, Strategic Alignment, Organisation Design

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