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Presented by:

Lianne Mellor

Ministry of Justice

Nikola Goger

Ministry of Justice

Session time:

10 May 14:00 15:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

The Heads of Delivery and Design at the Ministry of Justice will talk about how digital professions can collaborate across boundaries, solve common problems and make a real difference to organisation maturity.

Silos are one of the biggest blockers for digital transformation. Professions and communities can help you solve cross-cutting issues at scale and tackle your impact gaps by identifying your rocket ships and empowering teams to do their best work.

You’ll come away with an approach to launching your own rocket ships.

Participant Takeaways:

  • What stops you from doing your best work and what can you do to improve this
  • How you can stop duplication and resolve pain points
  • How you can get your teams to collaborate
  • How you can stop running your professions as silos
  • How to run a rocket ship session yourself (TEMPLATE) 

Communities of Practice, Culture, Leadership, Collaboration, Influence, Problem Solving, Scaling, Strategy

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