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Presented by:

Oana Juncu


Session time:

11 May 16:15 17:15

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Organisations are living systems. This workshop invites you to discover how the two loops model, from Berkana Institute, empowers you to lead reliable change from an organic approach, at your organisation, your enterprise, and society level.

In an interactive set-up, you will experiment with the phases of the model and the roles we take in an either evolutionary or disruptive change process.

After having prototyped and implemented agility at a team level, many organisations particularly focus on scaling the experience at enterprise level. While there is an agreement that agile is an effective approach for complex systems, we tend to paradoxically define agile scaling models as if organisations were simple predictable systems, manageable by fixed frameworks.

You will learn – and live! – what the main roles found in the two loops model are and how we all position ourselves in these roles in a continuously changing organisation.

This session will cover:

  • Dominant system: what are the dynamics of dominant systems?
  • Emergent system : How to observe and nourish a new system
  • People in the midst of change: What are the main roles found in the two loops model? How do we all position ourselves in these roles in a continuously changing organisation?
  • Driving actions: What are the actions that different change agents take to ensure the transition and address the natural resistance to change?

Guided by the canvas of the two Loops model, participants will be invited to draft how they can reinforce the change they want to see in their own professional ecosystem.

This session has: 
A session number cap: 50 participants

Culture, Change, Leadership, Scaling Agility, Biomimicry, Coaching

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