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Presented by:

Matthew Skelton

Founder at Conflux, co-author of Team Topologies

Session time:

10 May 09:45 10:45

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Continuous Delivery practices have increasingly become “table stakes” for effective software delivery since the publication of the book Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and Dave Farley in 2010.

The combination of sound technical practices and a scientific approach to testing and feature development has led to significant success with software delivery with organisations around the world.

However, in large organisations with many teams and many different suppliers, there are also many ideas about what Continuous Delivery is. This variety of approaches and assumptions can lead to conflicts around deployments, testing, releasing, and operations, resulting in a macro-level sub-optimal flow of change.

In this talk, Matthew will share some insights from his time spent as Engineering Lead at a large GOV.UK department during most of 2018. There he championed Continuous Delivery practices across 70+ teams and 7 locations, helping to raise standards for software operability, Developer Experience (DevEx), testing, deployments, and inter-team communications.

He will share some practical techniques for getting Continuous Delivery working at scale.

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