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Hibri Marzook

Session time:

17 May 13:40 14:40

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

How does deploying more frequently improve quality?

How does slack time in a team improve reliability?

Why should we do it more often if it hurts?

These are counter-intuitive concepts that don't make sense at first, and you'll be met with a bewildered stare from your CEO. To improve software delivery we have to understand paradoxical concepts. It's a complex task of juggling social and technical dynamics. There isn't a linear path to follow. How can you deepen your understanding and most importantly, explain counter-intuitive concepts to others?

This session will explore these counter-intuitive concepts we grapple with in software delivery, by visualising the socio-technical feedback loops in our software delivery systems.

Participant takeaways:

  • Learn how to visualise the socio-technical dynamics of your software delivery system
  • Learn how to identify the leverage points to make lasting change
  • Learn how to formulate a strategy to improve your software delivery system to create lasting change
  • Learn how to understand the socio-technical dynamics of your software delivery system
  • Learn a technique to improve your mental model of the software delivery system you work in


Continuous integration, Software delivery, Agile, Complexity

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