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Presented by:

Austin Sheppard

Session time:

10 May 14:00 15:00

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60 minutes

About the session

What are the things you wish you'd learned in the first four weeks of your career? Who taught them to you? Do you think you would've really understood the value of those lessons if someone had just told you?

Organisations that are already working in an agile way run the risk of recruiting and training new starters who adopt well-established agile practices because "that's just how it's done". But in order to adapt to new challenges, everyone needs to understand why those practices are valuable. How do we help them learn these values?

At we've been working on a project-based bootcamp for our graduates that combines problem-based learning and mob programming with Samman technical coaching. This gives our graduates the opportunity to experience forming their own agile teams, making mistakes and finding their own solutions. By the end of the bootcamp they've learned why we need to collaborate, why working software is our only real measure of progress and why they need to spend the rest of their careers learning every day.


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