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Presented by:

Neil Vass

The Co-operative Group

Session time:

11 May 11:15 12:45

Session duration:

90 minutes

About the session

This session uses a fun workshop from the book ‘How to Measure Anything’, about forecasting using whatever you know right now. Helpful both for “how long will this take?” and for “how much benefit will we get from it?”. As well as building forecasting skills, it builds empathy between different roles.

You’ll get to hear about when it’s been useful, try it with other participants, and leave with everything you need to go and run it with your own team.

“How long would this take?” is a frequently-asked question, and famously hard to get anywhere near right. There are lots of ways to address this, all useful in different situations. This session describes one approach, with examples of real-world use from my own experience, to explain what contexts it’s good for and where it has limitations.

In addition to working on forecasting time and effort, this game is a good chance to discuss how the exact same skills are needed to forecast how much a new feature will be used, and how much value it will bring us.

Often in organisations, there’s a pressure to give the “right” answer for time and effort estimates, while some of these other important questions don’t get the same scrutiny.

Realising that we all have hard jobs – and that we have to be comfortable with wide ranges of possible outcomes – really helps build empathy and cooperation between different roles and with stakeholders who take part.

Participant Takeaways:
Participants will get a chance to reflect with each other on how this game can build new skills and understanding at their work, and how the outputs of this kind of estimation can be used in decision making. They’ll leave with experience of using the game, and guides and worksheets to take back to their teams at work.

Estimation, Games, Gamification, Psychological Safety

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