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Presented by:

Samuel Cann

Liam Dewes

Session time:

15 May 12:30 13:15

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Delivering software at scale is tough.

Sam Cann & Liam Dewes of share their hands-on experience in delivering software across multiple platforms, teams and locales for a major brand in the travel industry.

Making theory and ideas tangible, they hope to show the ‘under the hood’ view of how Product & Delivery worked together; including workshop tactics, Agile principle adoption & negotiation strategies.

Participant takeaways:

  • How they created a language for Delivery to keep everyone from Directors to Juniors focussed on a single value proposition.
  • How to slice deliverables to focus on production-proven, end-to-end integration of working software (and how burn ups didn’t help forecast delivery) 
  • Delivering through others: leveraging a Capability model to create mini start-up style environments and push for faster, efficient collaboration


Scaling Agile, Communication, Leadership, Practical, Transformation, Governance, Complexity, Lean Agile, Strategy

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