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Presented by:

Valerie McLean

Because Agile Ltd

Session time:

12 May 14:00 15:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

The world at the moment is problematic. We are facing changes in our workplaces and in society which are increasingly complex. People are hungry for answers and for action, often unaware that it's just not that simple.

Join Valerie on a journey of complexity, systems thinking and diversity of thought to consider how we can think differently about tackling our most challenging problems.

This session will merge complexity theory with systems thinking to highlight the importance of focusing on what is emerging rather than finding the right answer. Valerie will also cover the need for many perspectives and how to bring people together in a way that ensures all voices can be and are heard. How best to handle the unexpected, focus on learning and remove the blame game.

Often we feel pressured to have the right answer, or at least to tell people we will find out the right answer, but sometimes that is missing the point. We work in an ever-changing, complex world. There simply isn’t a right answer to everything. We need to try something different.

For example, those of us who work in software teams and digital departments work on a small part of the bigger picture. We so often get stuck in a trap – assuming that your product will solve everything.

However, complex problems need more than just new tools and products. The real power is joining up software with the other parts of the jigsaw. It’s only by bringing the whole picture together that we can create a positive change that is impactful and sustainable.

Complexity, Inclusivity, Learning, Experimentation, Psychological Safety, Diversity of Thought, Problem Solving, Leadership Styles

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