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Presented by:

Elisa Pasceri

The Co-operative Group

Session time:

12 May 15:30 16:15

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

What happens when you need to design, build and iterate on your product or service and you are paralysed by sudden anxiety? Anxiety can lead to rash decisions that hurt your users and your organisation.

Imagine that you and your team need to build a new product or service. Or that you need to iterate on something already out there. Basically, you need to create something that doesn't yet exist. Lots of possibilities, for sure, but also lots of uncertainty.

This workshop explores a mapping technique that reduces uncertainty and fosters creativity. This mapping method acknowledges anxiety symptoms that we all experience and allows us to use them to our advantage to make better design decisions.

This workshop is open to all disciplines, from designers to developers, to product managers and stakeholders. Whoever has a vested interest in a successful user experience can contribute to a frictionless map.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Learn at what stage of the product or service development you need a map of the future experience
  • Learn how to map complex, disastrous scenarios and design a frictionless process
  • Learn how to facilitate a mapping workshop by using a tried and tested template
  • Learn that mapping is awesome because it reduces everyone's anxiety and fosters creativity

This session has: 
A session number cap: 30 participants

UX, Service Design, Facilitation, Mapping Technique, Reducing Complexity, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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