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Presented by:

Sathpal Singh

NatWest Group

Session time:

15 May 12:25 13:10

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

The Product Owner and Leader role requires a diverse skillset to help a product succeed and ensure ongoing value delivery. 

How about the scenario where an internal technical platform is being shaped as a product and intended to drive the longer-term working practices of a global engineering workforce to improve software management and delivery, content discoverability and ultimately the developer experience?

In this talk, our speaker, an experienced technology leader, agile practitioner, energised Product Owner and committed Program Lead working in the UK financial services sector shares his product leadership journey driving a key initiative as part of a program of engineering transformation.

Participant takeaways:

  • Start with making sure you understand the problem.
  • Set out a compelling vision.
  • Make sure the intended product benefits are clear.
  • Get your customers involved early and keep them involved.
  • Test as early as possible and be ready to learn, constantly

Product leadership, Product development, Product strategy, Leader, Strategy, Organisation, People

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