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Steph Ashmore

Sheev / The Product Agility Podcast

Session time:

17 May 13:40 16:10

Session duration:

120 minutes

About the session

Note: this session runs for 120 minutes + 30 minutes for afternoon break.

The workshop aims to take attendees on an engaging activity-filled journey. Digital Projects shifted focus to a product and vision-focused framework and now we need to harness those product frameworks in our agile delivery teams to unify our organisations, deliver true user value and intertwine Product and Agile.

Developed by a TBR Trained Agile and Product Delivery manager, this activity-driven session demonstrates techniques and practises to optimise organisations to empower teams to deliver TRUE user value.

This session will cover elements of the entire Digital Product Delivery process from product vision to research all the way through to delivery and how we can seamlessly integrate product mindset into our agile delivery processes to keep our teams engaged, our projects successful and our organisations thriving.

Participant takeaways:

  • Evaluate their current organizational processes through a product-focused lens
  • Identify and prioritize the metrics that matter most for delivering value
  • Communicate effectively within teams to align on product vision
  • Shift your team's mindset towards continuous delivery of user value
  • Apply product management mindsets that empower agile teams and processes
  • Develop strategies for working with clients lacking product vision


Agile Delivery, Product Delivery, Value Focused Delivery, Techniques, Metrics, Holistic Agile Approaches in Tech, Learning, Training & Techniques

This session:

  • Includes interaction
  • Has a session has a number cap: 25 participants

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