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Presented by:

John Wilson

Janis Kampe


Session time:

12 May 11:15 12:45

Session duration:

90 minutes

About the session

The goal of this game is to commit the most code that passes all the tests. (If you happen to learn something about TDD while playing, bonus!)

The safe and reliable way to gain points is to follow the test-driven development cycle and go through every hex space. However, you can skip over writing and/or running tests to move forward faster, but this adds risk to your code and you may find that you have to undo all of your work and start the round over. Choose wisely.

This fun game is a psychologically safe way of learning and coaching TDD.

I have used this TDD Board Game successfully with participants to dive deeper into the traditional red-green-refactor cycle.

In particular, it coaches participants to get into the habit of predicting if the test code will fail to compile and to predict the correct reason for tests failing, to ensure that what we think the test code is asserting is what it is really asserting.

Additionally, participants understand the opportunity cost of skipping any part of the RGR cycle and the importance of the refactor step, especially in reference to Kent Beck's mantra of "Make the change easy, then make the easy change".

The game is layered, especially once participants have played a round or two, and invites deep conversation into this XP practice.

This workshop is equally suited to developers wanting to learn and practice TDD or to coaches/educators looking for a novel paradigm to teach the practice.

Test-Driven Development, XP, Psychological Safety

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