Session type:


Presented by:

Emily Webber


Session time:

16 May 10:00 11:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

A long time ago, in the land before 2020, many people were collocated with colleagues in an office. They (mostly) understood what this meant and how to navigate things. 

Then things changed. The world went to working from home almost overnight, and just as they started to find their feet, hybrid working became the thing, and we don’t really know what that means.

In the beforetimes, we had (somewhat of) a grip on what was going on and how to share information. We benefitted from casually bumping into colleagues in corridors and learning about information from things on walls.

But how does this work now, when some people are in the office, some are at home, and some are a bit of both? How do we get the right information to the right people, find what we need and bump into ideas that can lead to something else? And were we really doing it that well before?

This talk explores how teams share and remember and what keeping up-to-date and serendipity could look like for hybrid organisations. 

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