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Paige Watson

Industrial Logic

Session time:

10 May 14:00 16:15

Session duration:

120 minutes

About the session

Team programming (also known as mobbing or ensemble programming) is the most effective way of working for a team of developers. At its essence, team programming is fundamentally about collaboration and communication. This session will give you hands-on experience of collaborating on code, while introducing important concepts around effective communication.
All levels of coding knowledge are invited!

Team programming is more about collaboration and less about writing code. A team that programs together will better understand the codebase and the requirements, have more team ownership and responsibility, and will grow together.

"All the brilliant people working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and on the same computer" – Woody Zuill

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A session number cap: 25 participants

XP, Soft Skills, Communication, Collaboration, Learning, Team, Development, Agile Tools

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