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Presented by:

Anthony White


Session time:

16 May 14:00 16:30

Session duration:

120 minutes

About the session

Note: this session runs for 120 minutes + 30 minutes for afternoon break.

We have all heard about AI and how it can transform organisations right? But have you ever wondered where to start?

Bringing Agile techniques to AI innovation/discovery will enable you and your organisation to understand how to quickly unlock the potential of AI.

This interactive hands-on AI session will workshop what’s involved in an AI discovery, through the tools and techniques used to determine outcomes. Empowering you to embrace the truth about AI and help to realise its potential.

Participant takeaways:

  • How might we use AI on projects?
  • What are the challenges with using AI on projects?
  • Where and how are these used today in the public and private sectors?


AI, Self-assessment, Generative AI, Validation

This session:

  • Includes interaction
  • Has a session has no number cap

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