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Presented by:

Neha Datt

Product & Change Consultant, Mercurial Phoenix

Session time:

31 May 10:00 11:00

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

Yet another JFDI from management. The HiPPO weighs in. The delivery team gets frustrated that their autonomy is compromised, a respect for their professional contributions undermined.

Ever present in our organisations is the constant tension between wanting to do the right thing, and being held back due to poor management, politics and a frustratingly long list of other factors.

And yet - what if we’re actually solving the wrong problem? What if: in some cases, we really should just do the JFDI because - what’s important is to lock in that sale from a potential client who wants this feature? What if making sure our organisation can pay our wages in 6 months’ time is more important than building the right feature, in the right way?

Let’s have an honest conversation about value, about how: what’s valuable to our leadership teams is frequently diametrically opposed to what’s valuable to colleagues in delivery teams. Let’s build empathy for each other, build a holistic understanding of our context and create a shared understanding of reality.

It’s only then that we can have stronger alignment across our teams, robustly trust each other and feel like we’re really having an impact at work. And - doing things that are valuable…the right kind of valuable.

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