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Julia Boarer

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

Session time:

17 May 12:05 12:50

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Nearly 23 years ago the Agile Manifesto emerged from a gathering of 17 like-minded men in a ski resort in Utah, by converging on the ideas and beliefs that they had in common they changed the way software is developed more than they could have imagined. But have you ever considered if the lack of diversity in the room unintentionally lead to unconscious bias within the Manifesto? Their vision of people over processes should be empowering to women and open up the doors to a more diverse workforce in software development...but has it? Are we now in a position where we need to look to a new manifesto which prioritises diversity within teams? And how could Barbie help us create this?

Join me in a thought-provoking workshop to dive into this unexplored topic; together we will share our experiences of gender diversity in Agile software development, spot common patterns and identify actionable opportunities for change.

Participant takeaways:

  • Learn more about what we mean by diversity and why it makes a difference to the Products we create
  • Thought-provoking discussion about the reality of gender diversity in Agile Software teams
  • Discuss the future of software development and whether it’s time for a new manifesto
  • Recommendations for books, podcasts, blogs and other resources to find out more


Inclusivity, Feminism, Diversity, Unconscious Bias

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