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Presented by:

Vedavalli Kanala

Sahaj Software

Rohit Maurya

Sahaj Software

Session time:

11 May 14:00 14:45

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session

Traditional software delivery teams are layered with specialised roles. With the translation of business problems at multiple stages, each role induces a fitment drift in the devised solution.

As part of this talk, we would like to present our experience from the past eight years of building products for clients delivered by teams with ZERO roles.

We present the argument and evidence of why the notion of a required depth in every skill is overkill, and how a small team of people who dabble with code and product thinking can deliver solutions faster and better with minimum fitment drift.

We outline the practices and rituals required to establish, operationalise and sustain skill-based teams. We also intend to discuss delivery objectives for software teams and how teams that organise themselves around business objectives deliver better products compared to a set-up with superfluous roles for testing, management, etc.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Unique way of self-organising teams based on skills
  • Benefits: lower cost of ownership, faster time to market, and higher efficiency
  • Ideas that can be implemented straight away to see if the model works

Lean Agile, Productivity, Product Development, Delivery Models

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