Session type:


Presented by:

Ceri Newton-Sargunar

Mondo Media

Session time:

11 May 16:15 17:15

Session duration:

60 minutes

About the session

In this practical and gently interactive session, we'll walk through the evolutionary, psychological and neuroscientific factors that have made teamwork during a pandemic so challenging.

Neatly sidestepping pseudoscience and pop psych, we'll explore what actually happens in our brains and bodies (and why) when we experience extremely challenging events – and how this affects our ability to stop, collaborate and listen.  And, without a squeezy ball in sight, we'll look at real steps and activities to help your team(s) to pull through and work together more effectively when things get tough.

I use gentle humour alongside a non-threatening, calm and warm presentation style throughout, to keep the tone light despite the density of the topic.

Participant Takeaways:

Participants walk away feeling optimistic and enthused, and with a pocketful of takeaways including:

  • Understanding where our reactions come from, and what extreme emotion is good for.
  • The ability to identify how this impacts teamwork in a face-to-face, online and hybrid setting, and how to support this.
  • Clarity around the immediate and wider impact of workplace drama in communication, conflict and feedback.
  • Tools, activities and practices to help teams working through stress, overwhelm and unhealthy conflict (with or without the added influence of a pandemic.)
  • Explanations that help you understand what happens in your brain (it's got nothing to do with lizards).
  • The ability to identify who might need extra support before it's critical.

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