The reflections of people who have attended Agile Manchester.

Agile Manchester 2019 - Day 1

I'm in Manchester this week [...] daily summary of the sessions i've been to throughout the day and any key insights i've taken away. Needless to say Day 1 has not disappointed at what is my first Manchester conference (But certainly won't be the last based on today!)
- Blog by Ben Mancini

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Agile Manchester 2019 - Day 2

"[...] So Day 2 ended just as quickly as the first day. I have to say I've had a great time so far here in Manchester. Its the first time I've been here, but I know it won't be the last. The venue has been great, the organizers as ever fantastic and the speakers and quality of content has been a real 10/10." - Blog by Ben Mancini

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Agile Manchester – Day 3

"[...] There has not been one session I’ve gone to over the 3 days where I didn’t find myself jotting something down in my notebook that I thought would be useful to use with my own teams or try out myself. It’s a real acknowledgement of the hard work speakers, the organizers and brilliant venue staff put into these events which makes them so useful. If you’ve not attended a conference before then I’d urge you to submit a talk or workshop idea, or simply attend one for yourself." - Blog by Ben Mancini

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My trip to Agile Manchester 2018

"Last week I traveled across the country to share Redgate’s journey so far with team autonomy at the Agile Manchester conference. It was a great conference; friendly people, valuable sessions, inspiring speakers and a brilliant venue." - Blog by Chris Smith

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Feedback we have received from participants who have attended Agile Manchester.

Anon, Participant, 2019

"Some personal techniques to improve, some valuable concepts to take to my business, some interesting discussions with new connections. ... New connections, interesting sessions, [an] energising few days with plenty of new ideas."

Anon, Speaker, 2019

"Hi Allison, just wanted to say thanks again for letting me speak at Agile Manchester - I really enjoyed it and got plenty of good feedback after the session :) Whole conference was excellent this year, I learned loads of new ideas."

Joe, Participant, 2018

"Thank you very much for organizing a great few days that were really insightful and it was a pleasure to present to an engaged audience about our experiences with Agile. But mostly thank you to all the staff including yourself that were really welcoming all week.
Hopefully able to attend another great conference in future years."

Anon, Speaker, 2018

"I wanted to thank you and the Agile Manchester planning team for the amazing opportunity to participant in Agile Manchester 2018! It was fantastic event (one of the best run conferences I've been to) and I loved getting the chance to explore Manchester (such a great city)."

Chris Burns, Participant, 2018

"Whilst Agile Manchester has been well organised with terrific speakers and excellent content, it's also had a brilliant set of delegates who've been collaborative and eager to improve. The past few days have confirmed what I already believed. It's all about people. #AgileManc"


Anon, Participant, 2017

"Thank you for inviting me to Agile Manchester and thank you for putting on a great show. My parents always taught me it was good manners to say thank you for an invite, but my appreciation is genuine. Agile Manchester is not a huge conference with 1000s of people, but I enjoyed it as much as those big conferences. The line-up was exceptional, especially the Coop talk, and you used size to your advantage - there was a very friendly and cosy feel to the event."

Anon, Participant, 2015

"Engaging presentations and workshops which gave me skills I can apply at work."